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December really is the month of Pokemon fun. Over on Facebook it is “Change you Profile picture to a Pokemon Month.” Check the group out! Also, last year I downloaded the Pokemon: Christmas Bash cd. I thought most people had probably already heard of it, but since Toasterfaerie hadn’t heard of it I thought I would share. Here are the first three tracks. Toasterfaerie also put up an amazing Christmas picture featuring Pokemon on her blog. Check it out.

Have a very merry Pokemon holiday!


Dalek_OmnibusToasterFaerie is one of the people in my life who keeps me involved in all things geek. Like, for example, Doctor Who. I woke up this morning, did my daily morning tour around the net, and found this nice little audio documentary about old Doctor Who novelizations. It’s called “On the Outside it Looked Like an Old Fashioned Police Box.” Go listen to it quickly though… it’s only up for 6 more days!

I found this game on my friend Katherine’s blog, which can be found here:

This is Lexibelle, a traveling saleswoman in the world of Zork.


Note how geeky she looks? That’s because she is geeky. All she wants to do in life is sell you the best brands of new perfume. But silly little monsters keep getting in her way!


No amount of perfume is going to help that smelly troll get into his prom.

To create your own traveling salesperson go to this link:

And remember that the world can always use more traveling sales people!


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  • Katherine: This sounds real cool Lexi, send me the link. I'm also down for chatting every week sometime. I miss you! You can do it!
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  • ToasterFaerie: Heyheyhey...he can manhandle my unicorn any day! If you know what I mean. ...Actually I have no idea what that means. I didn't realize unicorns wer