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December really is the month of Pokemon fun. Over on Facebook it is “Change you Profile picture to a Pokemon Month.” Check the group out! Also, last year I downloaded the Pokemon: Christmas Bash cd. I thought most people had probably already heard of it, but since Toasterfaerie hadn’t heard of it I thought I would share. Here are the first three tracks. Toasterfaerie also put up an amazing Christmas picture featuring Pokemon on her blog. Check it out.

Have a very merry Pokemon holiday!


Dear Santa,

For Christmas I want a pony, and a swing set, and a dolly. I’ve been a really good girl this year, so I would also like a bycicle… and if you want to give me immortality I would like that too!



P.S. Sata, please don’t eat my mommy.

For today’s Featured in Pink something I found on This is a picture that was featured in Your Shot, a feature in National Geographic. The photographer’s name is James Snyder.


Apparently the frog came away from eating a Christmas Light unharmed. Read about it here.