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Oh my gosh! All the things! I really need a place to talk where family isn’t around, because OMG, all the things! I want to talk about hormones, and video games, and emotions, and life, and there is just so much going on inside me that I have to let out! So… um, without further ado, let’s talk about the strange world of hormones!

Being on hormones has been a strange and wonderful experience. I started them back in late January, so I’ve been on them for just over seven months now. And they are slowly starting to do their stuff. I have actual breasts now! I mean, sure they are tiny, but they are actual visible even when I’m dressed if you know to look. My skin is softer. My body hair grows slower. I love almost everything about it.

However, not everything is always sun and roses. First of all… breast development hurts! Its not the same pain that a cis girl would feel. In my scenario, my nipples are growing hundreds and hundreds of new nerve endings. At some point I am assured that this will make them very sensitive and fun to play with. In the mean time they just hurt. If I accidentally brush my arms against them or something I grimace in pain, usually secretly and quietly, but in my head I’m screaming “F’ing heck! That hurt!”

I also find my interests… shifting in some surprising ways. The things I’ve noticed most is my attention level to things like video games. I used to lose myself in virtual worlds for hour and hours. Ten, twelve, twenty hours could pass with me hardly leaving my seat. Killing two headed ogres and sealing errant Rifts was like the best things ever. And that is… changing? I mean, I still love video games, don’t get me wrong, but I can’t sit at them for as long without getting bored. It’s like I actually have more attention to pay to time, and time passing. I can’t explain it, but now I sit for two or three hours on a video game and I’m ready to move on.  I’m sure my future still holds many an all day gaming session, especially when new and exciting things come out, but it’s not going to be the norm anymore. Part of me misses that.

The other thing that has completely changed is my sex drive. I’m going to attempt talking about this without giving TMI, because no one wants that. But it’s something I want to talk about. I hadn’t noticed how far my sex drive had dropped until this June. This June I was super, super depressed. Like, ready to kill myself depressed. Like, I had it all planned out and only a couple things were stopping me from ending it all. I closed myself away from the world, wanted everyone to hate me, and really wasn’t a very fun person to be around. I had no energy, no will to do anything. It was icky and gross, and somewhere I hope that I won’t go to again. It’s maybe the worst I’ve ever been emotionally, even worse than a few years ago when my dad drove thirteen hours because he thought I might hurt myself. I don’t really bring this up to discuss my depression, I bring it up to discuss something else.

Late into that time period I stopped taking my hormones. I wasn’t eating well, and one of the meds I take is a diuretic. I was having digestion and stomach problems all the time, problems I knew would fix themselves if I ate better and consumed less diet soda. But I was in a mind set that it was easier to give up the hormones, despite how hard I worked for those in the first place.

As the estrogen slowly left my system my sex drive shot way back up, and oh my gosh. I didn’t know how to deal! You sometimes see threads on reddit and other places asking “What would you do first if you suddenly switched sexes?” And let me tell you, most girls are not ready for that amount of T! It was like my entire life was covered in a haze of sexual desire that just wouldn’t go away! And, like, I’ve been dealing with that haze for my entire life. You would think that I’d know how to go back to it. But it was staggering, and astonishing, and I was drowning. It was really humbling in some ways.

I went back on hormones after my family vacation, and god, it is so much nicer! I can think again without getting distracted, and gods, it is really, really nice not to think about sex in every second of every day.

Alright, so I’ve talked about hormones, and I’ve talked a bit about video games. The other things about video games I wanted to mention is that I finally acquired a copy of Pokemon White 2. It’s fun and amazing! I really like Pokemon, you guys. Also, at Torch Lake on my family vacation, it was really fun to play Pokemon with my daughter and my cousin. We spent hours battling it out, and playing, and even watching the anime. Jaden, my cousin, also brought his Pokemon cards! The only things missing was Pokemon Macaroni and Cheese to complete the nostalgic picture. The three of us started a Pokemon blog together, and it is a lot of fun posting fan stories, comparing progress, and staying in touch. So, yay Pokemon! If anyone is playing Pokemon black or white, let me know. Maybe we could do some online trading and things like that!

And now… life. I’m really very pleased with my life right now. I’m in such a better place emotionally than I have been in months and months. I’m back in school, and I see family on an almost daily basis. Family that loves me, and knows about my trans* identity, and doesn’t hate that part of me. I haven’t asked them to call me Lexi or Alexis yet, but I know that when I do they will, and that is so comforting! I have a car to drive places, and things are good. But I miss having friends. I don’t know anyone here, and I am so freaking shy!

That being said, I finally did something tonight that I’ve thought about doing for years and years, and never have done. Tonight I went to a munch. It was held at a restaurant, and somehow I expected that we would talk a lot about kink. This was a munch for a very specific set of interests I happen to share, and I was nervous, and excited, and really expected something entirely different. Instead, it was just like going out to dinner with people. Kink was hinted at occasionally, but for the most part we just talked. Like, conversations I would have with anyone. That being said, I met a lot of really fun people tonight. People that I have a lot in common with. People that are geeks like me and into geeky things! So yay that! I’m also getting dragged to all kinds of future events now, so I guess that is fun too.

Alright, I was going to put up a picture of a pokemon ball bra here to tie together my video game playing and my excitement of having breasts. But I think I’m actually going to leave this entry without pictures. If people are still reading, thank you for following me through my ramblings. This was a long blog post.



Pokemon voice actor. What could be better?!

Okay… every good geek knows the Pokemon theme song. It speaks right to the heart, invoking courage and the desire to strike out into the world of adventure. The Pokemon theme song beats in the souls of America’s gamers and anime viewers. It is a key stone of geekdom.

Okay, so, maybe not. But most people know it. I wouldn’t even blog about it… but now it is completely different and original. Please share with me Danny Fong’s version of “Pokemon: Gotta Catch em’ All”

December really is the month of Pokemon fun. Over on Facebook it is “Change you Profile picture to a Pokemon Month.” Check the group out! Also, last year I downloaded the Pokemon: Christmas Bash cd. I thought most people had probably already heard of it, but since Toasterfaerie hadn’t heard of it I thought I would share. Here are the first three tracks. Toasterfaerie also put up an amazing Christmas picture featuring Pokemon on her blog. Check it out.

Have a very merry Pokemon holiday!

One of the neat things that WordPress offers me is the ability to see which search words tend to bring up my blog on search engines like google. Common words that often lead here are Magical Girl, Yaoi, and Doctor Who. However, I was struck by a strange combination of two words used in the same search: Blaziken Yaoi.

I was at first intrigued by the fact that such a search would lead here. It actually pulls up my picture of Nurse Yaoi below as the fourth or fifth picture if you do an image search… but I thought, why not make someone happy? I should find a picture of Blaziken going at it, and put it here. I mean… it is a geek blog, and who doesn’t cringe and chuckle at the same time when the hear about Pokemon sex?

Well, I was unable to find two gay Blaziken having sex… but I was able to find  transgendered blaziken having sex with a digimon. See below:

Blaziken Sex

The digimon is pink… so I guess this counts as a featured in pink post too!

On a completely different note, if you want to spend some time reading a modern day fantasy web novel about college life read “The Sapphire Chronicles,” a novel I write that updates on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

This is an amazing toy, and I wish I had one. Who wouldn’t want to play games on this amazing game boy?


actually, I don’t think it’s actually a game boy… but it is still an amazing piece of art.

In these troubling financial times I think it is important that everyone knows about supply and demand. Then again… I’ve never been one to be interested in long and complicated explanations of things that, although important, are really rather boring. I’d much rather be playing video games and acting like a geek. But I have finally hit the solution, a perfect explanation of supply and demand and inflation explained through Pokemon Collectable Cards.

“Well, first of all, you have to understand about supply and demand. Do you know what that is?” She didn’t, and for a moment, I wondered how I would put this in terms she’d understand. Then a flash of inspiration hit me:

“Well, think about your Pokemon cards. Some of them are very rare and some of them are common, right? Give me the name of a rare one.”

“The Zapdos Holographic card,” my daughter answered instantly. “You can NEVER find one of those.”

“All right, how about a common one? Something you get almost every time you open a pack of cards?”zapdos

“A Staryu.”

“Okay, now suppose you have a Zapdos Holographic card and I said to you, ‘I’ll trade you a Staryu card for your Zapdos Holographic.’ What would you say?”

“I’d say, ‘No way, are you crazy??'”

“Suppose I offered you fifty Staryus. Would you trade me then?”

“No way! I can get a Staryu in any pack. Zapdos Holos are really rare.”

“Exactly,” I explained. “That’s supply and demand. There are very few Zapdos Holo cards, and lots of kids who want them. The fewer there are of something and the more people who want them, the more valuable they become. The supply of Zapdos Holos is small, and the demand for them is high, so they’re valuable. The supply of Staryus is high and the demand is low, so they aren’t valuable.”

That clicked, and she understood…”

The rest of this explanation is fun to read and can be found here.

See? It is completely possible to learn about economics and be a geek all at the same time!


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