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This is an amazing toy, and I wish I had one. Who wouldn’t want to play games on this amazing game boy?


actually, I don’t think it’s actually a game boy… but it is still an amazing piece of art.


This is the first of a few things that I’m going to be bringing to you all from Anime Boston 2009. The Dubtitle Project was featured in the Sailor Moon Live panel, and is really quite clever. Some enterprising soul put the English edited version side by side the original Japanese version.

I knew that they were different… but I was quite suprised to see just HOW different.

Final Fantasy 12 is a fun game. It really is. Maybe  not one of the best Final Fantasies… I don’t think it’s nearly as good as either seven or ten, but it didn’t get the same hype either. It’s a good game. But it can be damned obnoxious too.

balthier You’d think that having a sky pirate on your team would be enough to insure the fact that good treasure is bound to come your way. But you’d be thinking wrong.

About five or six hours into the game if you’ve been rushing you get to a tomb of a dead king. Inside the tomb is a nasty demon wall that is designed to crush you to pieces. You are not really suppossed to win this battle, but to scream and run away.

However, for those people that are dedicated enough to the cause of treasure there is a chance to defeat the wall. I spent six hours of my time completely dedicated to leveling up my party so that when the time came I would be prepared to crush the Demon Wall to oblivion and take it’s treasure.

We clashed in a battle of flashing lights that would be bound to cause an eplileptic seizure. Finally the Demon Wall fell into bits of pieces and crumbled to dust. Next step, treasure. Simple!

… or not.

The treasure wasn’t there. So… of to the internet to figure out why. This is what I read:

If you don’t see a chest here, press start, return to the title screen and try
again.  If you DO see a chest, open it.  You have a 45% chance of receiving
Gil from the chest.  If you get Gil, press start, return to the title screen
and try again.  If it’s not Gil, you have a 50% chance of receiving a Holy
Mote.  The Holy Mote is completely useless.  If you get it, press start,
return to the title screen and try again.

Oh well! So much for being easy!

Something for you to look at.

Luis Royo - Fantasy Art - Gothic Angel Holding Demon

This rust colored ice dragon is my new life mission… I hope I live a really, REALLY long life. I’ll need it.

BTW… I found this video here.

I’ve recently decided that I shouldn’t feature things from boing boing too much on my blog, because lets face it, most of my readers probably read boing boing more than they read me. I don’t really need to repeat myself… but this video fits the theme of my blog so well. And it’s hillarious, and probably worth watching twice.

Sailor Moon MangaHere is Usagi… or Serena I guess. I just started reading the Sailor Moon manga. In this picture Serena hasn’t even realized that she is a magical girl yet, she is just looking as inocent as could be. Her? Later for school? Never!

The next frame shows the grade she got on her test. Serena… you’re going to be in so much trouble from that mysterious good looking man in the tuxedo!


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