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So, my computer isn’t letting me upload pictures right now, and that is sad. But I’ve started playing WoW again, and this time it is on a roleplaying server. I just made a new character “Metalic Ice IV” and I’ve decided to keep a journal for her. Then I decided it would be fun to share it with whoever is interested. So here it goes: A Warlock’s Journal

VidVox v5.7 now activated

Hi mom!

I hope that when you get this you will see that I’m out on my own experimenting just like you told me I should do. I left Ironforge this morning, just like you told me to. I didn’t take anything, not even the steam powered winter coat you gave me when I was nine. Just me, the road, and the clothes on my back.

I forgot how cold it is outside the city! I never really liked the lava flows in Ironforge, but halfway to Coldridge Valley I found myself missing them a lot. It’s okay though. As soon as I got to the valley I met this really nice Dwarf, his name was Sten, and he told me that he would make me some really warm winter gloves. So I went into the valley and found some wolf pelts. When I brought them back Sten was as good as his word, I really like the gloves he gave me. He even put my initials on the fingers.

I like Sten.

Sten’s friend Balir says that he will make me some really warm winter boots too if I kill some Troggs for him. I’ve never seen a Trogg before. I hope they aren’t scary.

It’s really cold outside, and Sten says that some guy has been asking for me. Someone by the name of Alamar Brimm or something. I don’t know what he wants, but he is inside, so I’m going to go get warm.

I miss your hot chocolate mints.


Metalic Ice.

VidVox v5.7 has been powered off.



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