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When most people think of a wall flower they are thinking of someone who is an utter bore at parties. You know, the person that stands next to the punch bowel and gets incredibly drunk before making creepy passes at woman they know they aren’t good enough for. But when I see the term wall flower I think of this site. Featuring images like this one:

The website is full of a whole bunch of these types of pictures. In some of them you can hardly tell there is a person there at all.

I do feel obligated to give this an NSFW rating… but just barely.


So, I Stumbled on a site of Long Exposure pictures. They are beautiful pictures, and if anyone has the chance you should go look at them. There are two of them that are pictures of moving water… and it turns out that moving water looks like liquid Mercury…

Very pretty though.

LilFormers is a cute and geeky comic, usually with just a single panel. It focuses early on on Transformers and then moves on to other DC comics. Here is an example, click on the picture to go to the comic.

Happy day. I took the time to use my Christmas money to buy a WDTV. It lets me plug my hard drive right into it, and then plug it into my television. It forcasts in brilliant HD (my tv does not, but not it’s fault), and gives me access to watch 500 gigs of video entertainment on my television instead of my computer.

I am happy.

My friend Kari was watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer over with her mother last summer, and once I heard I decided that I just had to follow suit. I watched through Season Five of the series in highschool, but then I lost track and never watched it again, so I decided that it was high time to watch the entire series.

I just finished Season Seven Thursday. Well, come to find out that like many geeky things, Buffy doesn’t just end with the television series. There are comics, and officially, a comic that continues the story right where Joss left off. In fact, Joss even writes the comics. You should check them out. Here is a pretty picture:

My friend toasterfaerie made a blog post about OS-chans. They are adorable, and made me think that I tend to miss out on a lot of memes. So I decided to go meme searching. This is an adorable video about the history of the meme Om Nom nom nom. It’s under five minutes long and totally worth watching.

Do you have any old memories from early high school… or even late middle school? Well, for me, one of the happy memories is Birds of Prey. I used to watch Birds of Prey every week with my father, an ongoing tradition for us concerning anything Batman related. We watched the old movies together whenever they came out, and when Birds of Prey first came out we were beyond excited. Well, I was. I suspect he might have just been a long for the ride.

So when I was bored today I looked up Birds of Prey on hulu, which sent me to this site where I can watch as many episodes as I like. Well… only about thirteen. Birds of Prey had a very short air time. Here is a fan video of the show.


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