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Watch this. Be in awe. I demand it.


So… I don’t really do AMV’s very much. Every once in awhile I stumble across one I really like though, and when MoonKitty tweeted about this one I had to take a look. I like Superman. I like Sailor Moon. I was really hoping for some sort of cross over between Sailor Moon and scenes from… I don’t know, Justice League? Scenes with Superman in them? No such look. It is totally a Sailor Moon AMV put to the Superman lyrics. Fantastic video though… and hey, it really brings to light how much it just plain sucks to punish evil in the name of the moon.

Before Christmas I posted about a Sailor Moon Fan video called The Last Soldier. Well, the first episode still isn’t up, but here are the latest updates.

So, I have spent the last several years catching up on all the Sailor Moon that I have missed. I’ve watched the entire series through, am watching (slowly) the live action with my friend, and am following the fan videos with pleasure. I haven’t really done much with other magical girl animes though.

Until now. I just started watching Card Captor, and it is every bit as adorable as Sailor Moon. So, I was happy when I found this video on

Sailor Moon Sacrifice might have been cancelled, but it is always in times of deepest darkness that light shines forth. And no matter what this trailer implies, we all know that nothing is stronger than the Silver Crystal. So… here is a teaser for a fan made live action Sailor Moon movie… made in Germany. But it will be translated in English! So excited. Watch this fifty five seconds and be excited with me.

According the You Tube there will be another trailer on Christmas, and after that the first new episode. I really hope this is going to be good.

This is an episode in featured in pink. A cute girl with a moogle hat. I wish I had a hat like hers.

moogle girlIn other news… Sailor Moon Sacrifice has been cancelled, which made me sad. Oh well.

This is a beautiful picture of Usagi from Sailor Moon… lying on the floor in what looks like a class room. Note the desk above her and the briefcase hanging off of it.


Also… ready my webcomic here!


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