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Meet Cindar, a pretty little Blaziken on a Pokemon journey of fire. Cindar started off as a cute little Torchic, and then evolved into an ugly little Combusken. But those were just growing pains before he grew into his handsome Blaziken self.


It didn’t take long before Cindar’s new looks attracted new friends. Out of the long grass came lava lizards, mighty fire and ground type pokemon known as Numels. A Numel literally has a vat of magma stored in its back like a camel stores water, and when the Numel first met Cindar they spurt little streams of lava in excitement. Luckily the grass didn’t catch fire! Here is a picture of our new Numel friends:


And so as not to offend any copyright laws… the two pictures were taken from


Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more Fire Pokemon excitement!


With a hundred plus hours logged on my Pokemon Diamond game I decided that it was time to try something new. And so yesterday I drove to game stop and picked up Pokemon Sapphire, one of the old games from the GBA. But with this game I decided to try something different. I decided that I would pick one of the three starting Pokemon, and from that point on only battle with pokemon of its type.

The game begins. I run after the Pokemon professor and he presents me with my choice. Which of the three pokemon will I start my journey with?! I could choose Treecko, Torchic, or Mudkip.

I alwasy wondered how other people picked their starting Pokemon. For me it’s decided which of the three is the most adorable. And how could anyone resist this face?


With the choice made my journey began. Torchic had already evolved by the time I reached the first gym, a rock gym, and we crushed the gym leader’s geodudes with Combusken’s double kick attack. She never had a chance.

And now my trusty Combusken and I will take off to the stars! Wish us luck on our Pokemon Jorney of Fire!


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