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Who doesn’t love Daleks? Sure, they may have been a bit over used in the past couple of seasons… but still, despite everything, who doesn’t love Daleks? They are probably the only thing in the history of the universe to make a plunger look scary. Well, know you can make a Dalek of your very own.

The full instructions on how to create your very own Dalek Egg can be found here, although they are a little hard to follow. Still, it might be worth the effort.


Well everyone, we all know that the moment we have been waiting for is about to arrive: the eleventh doctor premiers this weekend! I am so totally excited. To set the stage I want to share the Alphabet of Awesome with you. Most of it is not Doctor Who related, but see this amazing D phrase. Click on the picture to see the rest of the alphabet.

Oh Doctor Who, how I love you. But I’m not quite sure how I feel about this year’s Christmas special. Surpsing, yes, oh gods yes. Exciting, parts of it were. But the thing I’m finding with this episode, and that I’m finding with Doctor Who in general with the new series, is that everything is world shattering. How many times has Earth or the human race been destroyed in the new series? How many times has the world been at the cusp of death before the Doctor saved in in thirty seconds flat? And I think that’s the problem. All the major story lines end on a coup de graux. Still, it was amazing, and if not the best part of my Christmas, it was fantastic.

Also, the surprise at the end which I may not speak of leaves me waiting for New Years. Who cares about New Year’s Resolutions when I will have the Doctor?

Captain Jack. No! Not Sparrow? Does Captain Jack Sparrow fall in love with everyone he sees? Does Captain Sparrow make out with men and women at the drop of a pin? I think not! I’m talking about Captain Jack, my captain, the one that I want to meet. The Face of Bo! Captain Jack Harkness! He’s coming back! Look at this:


So excited! It happens of 7/20… so don’t miss it!

Dalek_OmnibusToasterFaerie is one of the people in my life who keeps me involved in all things geek. Like, for example, Doctor Who. I woke up this morning, did my daily morning tour around the net, and found this nice little audio documentary about old Doctor Who novelizations. It’s called “On the Outside it Looked Like an Old Fashioned Police Box.” Go listen to it quickly though… it’s only up for 6 more days!

I just need to note that I really miss Doctor Who. Still, despite the fact that there is no real season of Doctor Who this year, several major holidays are featuring specials. So as Easter approached it was not the ressurection of our Lord and Savior that I awaited. It was the return of Doctor Who. The episode? Doctor Who and the Planet of the Dead.


The bus in the background flied. Really, it does. That’s why I love Doctor Who.


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