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One of the neat things that WordPress offers me is the ability to see which search words tend to bring up my blog on search engines like google. Common words that often lead here are Magical Girl, Yaoi, and Doctor Who. However, I was struck by a strange combination of two words used in the same search: Blaziken Yaoi.

I was at first intrigued by the fact that such a search would lead here. It actually pulls up my picture of Nurse Yaoi below as the fourth or fifth picture if you do an image search… but I thought, why not make someone happy? I should find a picture of Blaziken going at it, and put it here. I mean… it is a geek blog, and who doesn’t cringe and chuckle at the same time when the hear about Pokemon sex?

Well, I was unable to find two gay Blaziken having sex… but I was able to findĀ  transgendered blaziken having sex with a digimon. See below:

Blaziken Sex

The digimon is pink… so I guess this counts as a featured in pink post too!

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Meet Cindar, a pretty little Blaziken on a Pokemon journey of fire. Cindar started off as a cute little Torchic, and then evolved into an ugly little Combusken. But those were just growing pains before he grew into his handsome Blaziken self.


It didn’t take long before Cindar’s new looks attracted new friends. Out of the long grass came lava lizards, mighty fire and ground type pokemon known as Numels. A Numel literally has a vat of magma stored in its back like a camel stores water, and when the Numel first met Cindar they spurt little streams of lava in excitement. Luckily the grass didn’t catch fire! Here is a picture of our new Numel friends:


And so as not to offend any copyright laws… the two pictures were taken from


Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more Fire Pokemon excitement!


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