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This is the most adorable song ever.


Okay… every good geek knows the Pokemon theme song. It speaks right to the heart, invoking courage and the desire to strike out into the world of adventure. The Pokemon theme song beats in the souls of America’s gamers and anime viewers. It is a key stone of geekdom.

Okay, so, maybe not. But most people know it. I wouldn’t even blog about it… but now it is completely different and original. Please share with me Danny Fong’s version of “Pokemon: Gotta Catch em’ All”

What?! Star Trek? As an MMO?! What could possibly be better?!

Long gone are the days when I condemed a game simply because it was an MMO. I feel to WoW three, maybe four years ago, and since them I’ve never looked back. Guild Wars, Lineage II, and stupid free MMO’s have all been par for the course. Now comes the newest one: Star Trek Online.

This is a sample of actual game play from the game. And I have to note, space combat is really cool. It tends to be a bit on the easy side, and PvE tends to be balanced for one person instead of a whole group of people, but there is at least a decent amount of strategy involved in ship position, movement, etc.

The thing I like most about the game though is the ability to write Logs. It’s a simple thing, and one that most people probably won’t appreciate, but to be able to file a log under a mission (just like I really was a Star Fleet captain) is beyond exciting. It makes my roleplaying senses tingle.

Still, I’ve only had the game for a few days. We’ll so how I feel with it after my thirty day trial is over.

Happy New Year!!! I hope 2009 was a good year for everyone. For me it was… unproductive. Hopefully 2010 will be better. Hopefully I’ll start some new project that will rake in the cash for me, and then I won’t have to work any more. Or maybe I’ll find a cute guy that will buy me lots of stuff and take care of me? But enough of my dreams. I figured that with a new year should come a new theme: Dungeons and Dragons.

I know, it’s a wonderful picture. Pulled from here.

But what I really want to share with you all is a great place to go if you want to play Dungeons and Dragons online. The site is called DnD Online Games. It’s a play by post game format. It takes time, but for those that live in places where there isn’t a group (or for people like me who think that two games a week just isn’t enough) it can be a fun way to get into the D&D spirit. The site hosts games from all editions, and the people there are very friendly. Stop by. Say “Hi!” And roll some d20.

Happy New Year everyone!


Back in the early days of my blog I wrote about Glamour Age. I was not impressed. It followed the lines of most Facebook days back in the day: a webpage that had to refresh every time, and doing the same thing over and over and over. With the emergence of Flash into Facebook games have started changing for the better. The -ville games all have a bit of fun to offer, weather it’s putting together a farm, or making a zoo. But the game that truly caught my attention was one that appealed to my inner geek: Starfleet Commander.

At it’s core Starfleet Commander is a simple game. Like most other Facebook apps it has missions. You get things by going on missions, which let you do other things further down the road. The game goes deeper than that though, deeper than any of the old Facebook games. In addition to missions you get to build things. Ore Mines, Crystal Mines, Hydrogen Synthesizers, etc. Each building produces different resources which you need to build more buildings, and eventually to produce ships and defenses. But the game goes farther still, in addition to buildings you get to research things, and put together defenses. The game also has a good rating system, so you always know where you stand in your Galaxy. Add the fact that you can invite friends (like any Facebook app) and make alliances, and you have a Facebook game with a suprising amount of detail.

The next major improvement that Starfleet Commander adds is the timing system. In old games you had a set amount of energy, and at the end of it you were done. The end. Come back tomorrow. Starfleet Commander has timed missions. Sending a ship out for some ore takes about two minutes to accomplish, and about a minute for your ship to come back home. Once it’s back you can send it out again. As much as you want. You will never see a bar that says “you are out of energy.”

It’s not all roses though. The game still requires that you have friends before you can go out and do anything truly interesting, and the missions have you doing the same thing over and over. It’s the feel of the missions that really gets to me though. This is a game that has the name “Starfleet” in it. You know, the people with the prime directive, and the ones that won’t attack enemy ships unless pressed, even when they are in the Delta Quadrant? Why is it then that out of two of the first three missions I get, I’m going on raids? Instead of Starfleet I feel like I’m playing the Maquis or the Romulans. It definitely doesn’t leave me feeling like one of the good guys.

As far as Facebook games go I give the game four out of five stars. In real game rankings maybe a two out of five. It is fun for a free game, and if you insist on wasting time on Facebook apps like I seem to, than it is a good use of your time.

This is an episode in featured in pink. A cute girl with a moogle hat. I wish I had a hat like hers.

moogle girlIn other news… Sailor Moon Sacrifice has been cancelled, which made me sad. Oh well.

I couldn’t believe this advertisement. It’s perfect! The real life mana potion is advertised as follows: “You know what this stuff is. With 160mg of caffeine and a good dose of vitamins, Each 50mL Mana Potion will add +160 to your MP and keep you going through epic battles. This 6-pack means you can either mana up your whole party or party up, um, your whole mana? 5-8 hours of smooth energy with a citrus taste and a 24-hour cool-down.”

I couldn’t describe the effects of a real life mana potion myself. Also featured on the sites web page are health potions as well. These are the most amazing drinks I have ever seen for a geek. I really want some.



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