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The Never Ending Story is truly one of the best movies ever made. I think I first watched it when I was four or five, and all I remember are the yellow Sphynx’s at the Southern Oracle. For some reason those creatures stayed with me… maybe it was the beams of deadly light shot from their eyes. I just remember that growing up I had that picture in my mind, and whenever a sphynx was mentioned later on in life, I always pictured it with a yellow glow.

The-Neverending-Story_lI’ve probably watched this movie ten or fifteen times throughout my life… possibly more than any other movie, ever. I don’t often watch movies over and over again. It’s a movie about the wonders of books, a movie about courage and bravery. And it’s a fantasy. A wonderful, perfect fantasy that still rings true in my heart. Who wouldn’t want to become the creator of their own little world? Wish on a grain of sand and the world becomes bigger, richer, more extravagent. Wish as many times as you want, and with each wish comes a new friend, a new legend. It really is a fantastic dream.

I have always loved the Emperess as well. She is the little girl in the picture, the one all in white. Her hair piece is very pretty, and she is so nice. I think I liked her growing up because she had complete and utter faith in a person that she’d never met. That kind of faith in… destiny? has always been something that I’ve respected.

The moral of the story: if you haven’t seen this movie you need to change that. This is one of the classic fantasy films. It came out before I was born, but twenty three years later it still remains one of the best movies I’ve ever seen.


I don’t usually like zombie movies. Shawn of the Dead was fantastic, but all this running around in shopping malls while trying to avoid getting devoured and changed into brainless undead creatures turned me off. Then I went to see this movie. It’s a comedy first, a story about family second, a geek fest third, and a zombie movie fourth. It was the best movie I’ve seen this year… not that I go to many. Still, it was fantastic and everyone should go see it.

What could be better than Star Trek meeting Monty Python? I’m coming up with nothing…

Well, I’m back if anyone is still here to read. I don’t really have a new computer, I’m borrowing a lap top from my friend, but no reason not to blog.

I was browsing on some kitty cat picture, and I don’t usually like them. I find that the kitty cat meme has taken over my friends brains and turned them into mush. But even my mush-resistant brain couldn’t resist this.



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