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This is the most adorable song ever.


Okay… every good geek knows the Pokemon theme song. It speaks right to the heart, invoking courage and the desire to strike out into the world of adventure. The Pokemon theme song beats in the souls of America’s gamers and anime viewers. It is a key stone of geekdom.

Okay, so, maybe not. But most people know it. I wouldn’t even blog about it… but now it is completely different and original. Please share with me Danny Fong’s version of “Pokemon: Gotta Catch em’ All”

So… I don’t really do AMV’s very much. Every once in awhile I stumble across one I really like though, and when MoonKitty tweeted about this one I had to take a look. I like Superman. I like Sailor Moon. I was really hoping for some sort of cross over between Sailor Moon and scenes from… I don’t know, Justice League? Scenes with Superman in them? No such look. It is totally a Sailor Moon AMV put to the Superman lyrics. Fantastic video though… and hey, it really brings to light how much it just plain sucks to punish evil in the name of the moon.

I just met this new friend. She is an alien from a very strange planet, and she has come here to teach everyone about the internet. I have been following her (Kazara’s) blog, and it is very interesting. Interesting and informative. Already I have learned about Twitter, Job Searching Online, and how the internet works! Visit it, she will change your life.

So, my computer isn’t letting me upload pictures right now, and that is sad. But I’ve started playing WoW again, and this time it is on a roleplaying server. I just made a new character “Metalic Ice IV” and I’ve decided to keep a journal for her. Then I decided it would be fun to share it with whoever is interested. So here it goes: A Warlock’s Journal

VidVox v5.7 now activated

Hi mom!

I hope that when you get this you will see that I’m out on my own experimenting just like you told me I should do. I left Ironforge this morning, just like you told me to. I didn’t take anything, not even the steam powered winter coat you gave me when I was nine. Just me, the road, and the clothes on my back.

I forgot how cold it is outside the city! I never really liked the lava flows in Ironforge, but halfway to Coldridge Valley I found myself missing them a lot. It’s okay though. As soon as I got to the valley I met this really nice Dwarf, his name was Sten, and he told me that he would make me some really warm winter gloves. So I went into the valley and found some wolf pelts. When I brought them back Sten was as good as his word, I really like the gloves he gave me. He even put my initials on the fingers.

I like Sten.

Sten’s friend Balir says that he will make me some really warm winter boots too if I kill some Troggs for him. I’ve never seen a Trogg before. I hope they aren’t scary.

It’s really cold outside, and Sten says that some guy has been asking for me. Someone by the name of Alamar Brimm or something. I don’t know what he wants, but he is inside, so I’m going to go get warm.

I miss your hot chocolate mints.


Metalic Ice.

VidVox v5.7 has been powered off.

Who doesn’t love Daleks? Sure, they may have been a bit over used in the past couple of seasons… but still, despite everything, who doesn’t love Daleks? They are probably the only thing in the history of the universe to make a plunger look scary. Well, know you can make a Dalek of your very own.

The full instructions on how to create your very own Dalek Egg can be found here, although they are a little hard to follow. Still, it might be worth the effort.

What?! Star Trek? As an MMO?! What could possibly be better?!

Long gone are the days when I condemed a game simply because it was an MMO. I feel to WoW three, maybe four years ago, and since them I’ve never looked back. Guild Wars, Lineage II, and stupid free MMO’s have all been par for the course. Now comes the newest one: Star Trek Online.

This is a sample of actual game play from the game. And I have to note, space combat is really cool. It tends to be a bit on the easy side, and PvE tends to be balanced for one person instead of a whole group of people, but there is at least a decent amount of strategy involved in ship position, movement, etc.

The thing I like most about the game though is the ability to write Logs. It’s a simple thing, and one that most people probably won’t appreciate, but to be able to file a log under a mission (just like I really was a Star Fleet captain) is beyond exciting. It makes my roleplaying senses tingle.

Still, I’ve only had the game for a few days. We’ll so how I feel with it after my thirty day trial is over.


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