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In these troubling financial times I think it is important that everyone knows about supply and demand. Then again… I’ve never been one to be interested in long and complicated explanations of things that, although important, are really rather boring. I’d much rather be playing video games and acting like a geek. But I have finally hit the solution, a perfect explanation of supply and demand and inflation explained through Pokemon Collectable Cards.

“Well, first of all, you have to understand about supply and demand. Do you know what that is?” She didn’t, and for a moment, I wondered how I would put this in terms she’d understand. Then a flash of inspiration hit me:

“Well, think about your Pokemon cards. Some of them are very rare and some of them are common, right? Give me the name of a rare one.”

“The Zapdos Holographic card,” my daughter answered instantly. “You can NEVER find one of those.”

“All right, how about a common one? Something you get almost every time you open a pack of cards?”zapdos

“A Staryu.”

“Okay, now suppose you have a Zapdos Holographic card and I said to you, ‘I’ll trade you a Staryu card for your Zapdos Holographic.’ What would you say?”

“I’d say, ‘No way, are you crazy??'”

“Suppose I offered you fifty Staryus. Would you trade me then?”

“No way! I can get a Staryu in any pack. Zapdos Holos are really rare.”

“Exactly,” I explained. “That’s supply and demand. There are very few Zapdos Holo cards, and lots of kids who want them. The fewer there are of something and the more people who want them, the more valuable they become. The supply of Zapdos Holos is small, and the demand for them is high, so they’re valuable. The supply of Staryus is high and the demand is low, so they aren’t valuable.”

That clicked, and she understood…”

The rest of this explanation is fun to read and can be found here.

See? It is completely possible to learn about economics and be a geek all at the same time!


For today’s Featured in Pink something I found on This is a picture that was featured in Your Shot, a feature in National Geographic. The photographer’s name is James Snyder.


Apparently the frog came away from eating a Christmas Light unharmed. Read about it here.

For today’s Featured in Pink something I saw at Best Buy once and really wanted.

hello-kitty-ipod-dockPresenting the one and only Hello Kitty Ipod Dock. How could you tell your ipod no to sleeping in a nice pink bed with an adorable sleeping pet to have a slumber party with? There are even stars around the speakers so that if your ipod wants to stargaze it can spend all night finding meaning in the constellations below.

The pink, dark pink, and yellow also make for an exciting blend of colors that is sure to excite any girl under the age of eight. And the time is big enough to see all the way across the room!

This is truly the best ipod accessory I have yet to see. I don’t have one yet… so if anyone is thinking about getting me a present *hint* *hint*

What is the best part about playing Wow? It’s getting new stuff… and there’s nothing better than getting a new mount.


Who says riding dinosaurs is no fun? Jenny… if you’re out there dinosaurs made me think of you!

For today’s Featured in Pink, an anime picture for you to look at. Perhaps you might want to use it as your desktop background, or if you are really ambitious you might even print a copy of it out and put it on your wall. Maybe you might print a few dozen copies and spam your neighbor’s mailboxes with them. Whatever you decide to do with it, I’m sure it will be wonderful.


What would happen when online geeks meet in rl? Watch The Guild to find out. This is a drama series written by geeks for geeks. It features a guild from an MMO that meets in real life for the first time. If you want to watch short clips including irresponsible geeks, unrequited love, and cute Asian girls than this is the show for you.

The full series can be found at: All the clips are about five minutes long and well worth your time.


Glamour Age is one of those Facebook Applications everyone raves about. It’s runs along the same lines as other Facebook Application games that I have played before. The Fourth Edition Dungeons and Dragons game, the Elven Kind and Blood Kind games that I played for awhile a few months ago.

This game played a bit more to my inner self than most Facebook Applications go, it even had some cute character sprites. glamour-age-model But in the end it had the same problem that all other games of this type have had.

It’s just not all that good at keeping my interest. I began the game with the option to do five different fashion quests, ranging from the option to go get coffee for my boss or to take pictures of fashion models or publish the Spring Issue. At first this was promising, each new quest required different employees that I could buy after earning money from previous quests.

The problem came after I’d finished all five quests and no new quests had opened up. I leveled all the way up to level six on the same five options.

If you’re going to pick up a Facebook application this one might as well be it… but I would recommend that you pick up a real game instead. It will be more entertaining and it won’t feel like you are wasting your life one something that isn’t going anywhere. I give this game two out of five stars.


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