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I haven’t done one of these in quite some time, so I went out and found the prettiest, frilliest thing possible. I really wish I could look good in this, it’s childishly beautiful!


This is an episode in featured in pink. A cute girl with a moogle hat. I wish I had a hat like hers.

moogle girlIn other news… Sailor Moon Sacrifice has been cancelled, which made me sad. Oh well.

One of the neat things that WordPress offers me is the ability to see which search words tend to bring up my blog on search engines like google. Common words that often lead here are Magical Girl, Yaoi, and Doctor Who. However, I was struck by a strange combination of two words used in the same search: Blaziken Yaoi.

I was at first intrigued by the fact that such a search would lead here. It actually pulls up my picture of Nurse Yaoi below as the fourth or fifth picture if you do an image search… but I thought, why not make someone happy? I should find a picture of Blaziken going at it, and put it here. I mean… it is a geek blog, and who doesn’t cringe and chuckle at the same time when the hear about Pokemon sex?

Well, I was unable to find two gay Blaziken having sex… but I was able to findĀ  transgendered blaziken having sex with a digimon. See below:

Blaziken Sex

The digimon is pink… so I guess this counts as a featured in pink post too!

On a completely different note, if you want to spend some time reading a modern day fantasy web novel about college life read “The Sapphire Chronicles,” a novel I write that updates on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

It’s been a long time since I have brought pink joy into your lives. And so, I thought that I could make up for that by featuring a product that could improve your life! These amazing speakers were found on another blog. They sell on Gadets & Gizmos for about fifty dollars. How could you resist? Go on… spend your hard earned money on something neat that will make all your friends gasp in envy!

pink dog speakers

This is an amazing toy, and I wish I had one. Who wouldn’t want to play games on this amazing game boy?


actually, I don’t think it’s actually a game boy… but it is still an amazing piece of art.

For today’s Featured in Pink something I found on This is a picture that was featured in Your Shot, a feature in National Geographic. The photographer’s name is James Snyder.


Apparently the frog came away from eating a Christmas Light unharmed. Read about it here.

For today’s Featured in Pink something I saw at Best Buy once and really wanted.

hello-kitty-ipod-dockPresenting the one and only Hello Kitty Ipod Dock. How could you tell your ipod no to sleeping in a nice pink bed with an adorable sleeping pet to have a slumber party with? There are even stars around the speakers so that if your ipod wants to stargaze it can spend all night finding meaning in the constellations below.

The pink, dark pink, and yellow also make for an exciting blend of colors that is sure to excite any girl under the age of eight. And the time is big enough to see all the way across the room!

This is truly the best ipod accessory I have yet to see. I don’t have one yet… so if anyone is thinking about getting me a present *hint* *hint*


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