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Final Fantasy 12 is a fun game. It really is. Maybe  not one of the best Final Fantasies… I don’t think it’s nearly as good as either seven or ten, but it didn’t get the same hype either. It’s a good game. But it can be damned obnoxious too.

balthier You’d think that having a sky pirate on your team would be enough to insure the fact that good treasure is bound to come your way. But you’d be thinking wrong.

About five or six hours into the game if you’ve been rushing you get to a tomb of a dead king. Inside the tomb is a nasty demon wall that is designed to crush you to pieces. You are not really suppossed to win this battle, but to scream and run away.

However, for those people that are dedicated enough to the cause of treasure there is a chance to defeat the wall. I spent six hours of my time completely dedicated to leveling up my party so that when the time came I would be prepared to crush the Demon Wall to oblivion and take it’s treasure.

We clashed in a battle of flashing lights that would be bound to cause an eplileptic seizure. Finally the Demon Wall fell into bits of pieces and crumbled to dust. Next step, treasure. Simple!

… or not.

The treasure wasn’t there. So… of to the internet to figure out why. This is what I read:

If you don’t see a chest here, press start, return to the title screen and try
again.  If you DO see a chest, open it.  You have a 45% chance of receiving
Gil from the chest.  If you get Gil, press start, return to the title screen
and try again.  If it’s not Gil, you have a 50% chance of receiving a Holy
Mote.  The Holy Mote is completely useless.  If you get it, press start,
return to the title screen and try again.

Oh well! So much for being easy!


In these dreadful days when it seems that the torrent world is set to be caught in a torrent of legal action of closures what is a person to do? The Pirates Bay leaders? Convicted! Jailed! They shall stare at the world from behind bars of iron. Already three torrent sights in Malaysia have been forced to closed. It is a black period for torrents.

We all know that black days recover and that torrents aren’t going anywhere, but in this dark times I took the time to research some alternate methods of downloading, and stumbled upon newsgroups. I was warry at first. First of all, you have to pay a monthly fee for newsgroups. What good was that? Also, they seemed needlessly complicated. Get subscribed to a website, use another program to download things, and yet another website to find things? But I decided to bite the bullet and expirement.

For starters I went to Slyck, a really good website that walked me through all the difficulties of newgroups and really helped me understand them.

slyckSlyck refered me to several places to subscribe to. I decided to go with Giganews, all the reviews seemed to say that it was the best way to go. It costs a bit more than other sites, but they are apparently better (offering more rentention and completion statistics) and they offer a 10 gig free trial to get used to the newsgroup world and actually see if it is worth getting into.

The next thing I did was download the actually program to download things. This is similar to the torrent world where you need something like UTorrent or Bittorrent to download things. I went with the suggestion of GrabIt, this time because it was a free program that had good reviews. I am impressed with a few features on it, like it’s ability to pause for a period of time instead of indefinitely like Utorrent does. No more forgetting to turn on the downloads after decided to turn them off and play WoW!giganews

At this point I was all set up, but I wasn’t ready to be converted. Then I turned the downloads on.

2000 kb/s.

That’s all I have to say.

2000 kb/s. Consistently. For everything I have downloaded.

I haven’t given up completely on torrents, and when I turn the torrents on the speed on the newsgroups tends to fall down to about 1500 kbs or so… but I have never downloaded faster in my life. It’s amazing to come home from work and be like, “I think I shall watch Iron Man tonight.” Then download and have time to watch it too! Over all, I rate newsgroups as worth a bit of money.


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