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Science Laughs

Posted on: December 12, 2009

I like science. I often tell people that if I hadn’t been an English major I probably would have been a physics one instead. Science is interesting… and advanced science is weird and cool. But I have made one observation about science and scientists specifically. Scientists have a decidedly odd sense of humor. It was true all the way back in high school. Both of my science teachers (chemistry and physics) were good teachers, but they had this enduring love for terrible, terrible puns. I am rather fond of them myself… but maybe that is just my science side coming out.

The following video is a science comic. At the end of Brian Malow’s sketch is about a dozen terrible and amazing puns. Watch and be entertained (and sit really close to the computer so you can see it before anyone else does).


2 Responses to "Science Laughs"

Lulz. I loved the superspreader joke because I was watching this when I should have been revising my aerobio paper to include information about superspreaders. schoolwork!fail

lol. Schoolwork is for loozerz

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