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Forever A Kid

Posted on: November 28, 2009

Are you looking for some over sized baby clothing to wear? Well, probably not, but some people are! And… there’s a website for it.

Isn’t he adorable? Those nice fleece pajamas and the giant stuffed animals? And is one of those stuffed creatures Tommy from Rug Rats? I think so!

This is me, bringing you fetishes from all over.


5 Responses to "Forever A Kid"

^_^ yay ABDL!

If you want an adorable AB/DL site with fun stories try this:

I especially recommend Lil Jennie’s story.

oh yes, i’m on there, though rarely post – is good too, amongst others…

I like you. lol

I know, i’m awesome right? ^_~

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  • Katherine: This sounds real cool Lexi, send me the link. I'm also down for chatting every week sometime. I miss you! You can do it!
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