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Pink Bow Wow Speakers

Posted on: June 21, 2009

It’s been a long time since I have brought pink joy into your lives. And so, I thought that I could make up for that by featuring a product that could improve your life! These amazing speakers were found on another blog. They sell on Gadets & Gizmos for about fifty dollars. How could you resist? Go on… spend your hard earned money on something neat that will make all your friends gasp in envy!

pink dog speakers


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  • Katherine: This sounds real cool Lexi, send me the link. I'm also down for chatting every week sometime. I miss you! You can do it!
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  • ToasterFaerie: Heyheyhey...he can manhandle my unicorn any day! If you know what I mean. ...Actually I have no idea what that means. I didn't realize unicorns wer


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