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Anime Picture

Posted on: April 20, 2009

For today’s Featured in Pink, an anime picture for you to look at. Perhaps you might want to use it as your desktop background, or if you are really ambitious you might even print a copy of it out and put it on your wall. Maybe you might print a few dozen copies and spam your neighbor’s mailboxes with them. Whatever you decide to do with it, I’m sure it will be wonderful.



2 Responses to "Anime Picture"

Going through your posts (’cause I was bored and had absolutely nothing better to do, and you blog seemed interesting after I searched ‘Neko’), I found this, and decided that it would be funny to spam my neighbours with cute little pictures.


I might actually do that…o_o;

Hehe. (:

lol. I’m glade you liked it. If you spam anyone with adorable pictures let me know how it goes.

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  • Katherine: This sounds real cool Lexi, send me the link. I'm also down for chatting every week sometime. I miss you! You can do it!
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