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Glamour Age, A Review

Posted on: April 18, 2009


Glamour Age is one of those Facebook Applications everyone raves about. It’s runs along the same lines as other Facebook Application games that I have played before. The Fourth Edition Dungeons and Dragons game, the Elven Kind and Blood Kind games that I played for awhile a few months ago.

This game played a bit more to my inner self than most Facebook Applications go, it even had some cute character sprites. glamour-age-model But in the end it had the same problem that all other games of this type have had.

It’s just not all that good at keeping my interest. I began the game with the option to do five different fashion quests, ranging from the option to go get coffee for my boss or to take pictures of fashion models or publish the Spring Issue. At first this was promising, each new quest required different employees that I could buy after earning money from previous quests.

The problem came after I’d finished all five quests and no new quests had opened up. I leveled all the way up to level six on the same five options.

If you’re going to pick up a Facebook application this one might as well be it… but I would recommend that you pick up a real game instead. It will be more entertaining and it won’t feel like you are wasting your life one something that isn’t going anywhere. I give this game two out of five stars.


8 Responses to "Glamour Age, A Review"

More quests open up, I should know, I’m still playing… But yeah, it’s really just the same crap over and over again, just highly addictive… But then, I find browser games highly addictive anyway

I’m playing it at the moment.. and would really like if a similar game was available NOT through facebook, I hate having to invite friends just to help me out… great concept though

yeah I’ve been playing for about three-four days now and honestly its not that great. I like Sorority Life better 🙂

HEY IK U I HAVE A SHOWDOWN WITH U!!!!! i won ofcourse!

it’s kinda like fashion wars and all the wars out there like mafia wars, vampire wars.. what’s these kinds of games called?

Rhiannon called them Browser Games. We could go with that. Maybe they deserve a whole new category though: “Facebook App Games.”

i ve started a new game by chance on soroity life and previoiusly i was in 48 th level wat should i do

yeah i know, i played this game and loved it UNTIL i reached level 24 and now i own alot of things on there (mostly propertys) and i have ALOT of money but there is nothing to buy,, i recomend not playing this game… try happy aquaruim or farmville or even better.. STOP SPENDING UR TIME ON FACEBOOK AND GET A LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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