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The Forsaken of Shadows

Posted on: April 15, 2009

The god looked down upon Tralthga and they were not pleased. In a fit of fury they stripped her of all her dark shadow powers. All alone, abandoned by her lizard friend, in the middle of a vast desert Tralthga knew that she would not survive for long. How could one survive in a desert when the only water around looked like this?wowscrnshot_041509_1321571

When Tralthga ended up in the water she knew that her life was coming to a quick end.

Yet as the water entered her lungs Tralthga had a vision. She saw herself standing alone, surrounded by the powers of her own convictions. It would take self discipline… but as she saw the aura of power surround her she knew there was a way.

Years she spent in the desert as a hermit, pushing herself to her limits and feeling the powers granted by her amazing self discipline slowly start to take form.

Finally it was time to go out and face the world. Meet Tralthga, forsaken of the shadows, Disciplined Priest.

(In other words… WoW did a patch and I rebuilt my character)

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