Alexisofroses’s Blog

A Troll and Her Kodo

Posted on: April 11, 2009

Meet Tralthga, Troll Priest. When she first started the game she thought that dedicating her life to healing others was a good cause. But as time went on her heart fell to darkness and her powers turned to the Shadows. Ironic then that at the beginning of the game she was called Tralthga, Lizard Slayer.


See how those yellow eyes are glazed over in death. Tralthga tore through the barren desert landscape, lizards falling from her holy wrath in every direction.

Now that she’s turned away from her holy powers though she makes best friends with the Giant Lizards that roam through Desolace. This is a picture of Tralthga and her new friend the Kodo. See how the Kodo roars at any foes who dare approach her? Tralthga stands next to her friend, lantern in hand, ready to throw her own unholy powers at any enemies that present themselves. A new team is born.



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